Program description ...

The Master of Integrated Design & Construction Program at Auburn University has a successful history of cross-disciplinary education; having graduated students from across the world. The program features a uniquely refined focus and is jointly housed in the School of Architecture and the McWhorter School of Building Science. Through current models of professional practice, it delivers the development and study of high performance projects in the built environment via a dynamically collaborative and integrated framework.

The program approaches delivery from a broad perspective that encompasses a variety of current and successful models founded upon the integration of the disciplines. Among other tools, the program capitalizes on a new generation of digital resources such as BIM, parametric modeling, web-based shared work environments, and other innovations to facilitate collaboration. It proposes to make disciplinary boundaries more fluid, and to feature partnerships and shared expertise.

The program spans three semesters (Fall-Spring-Summer), after which candidates who successfully complete all requirements are awarded the Master of Integrated Design & Construction degree.

At a Glance

  • Students with undergraduate degrees in architecture, construction management and civil engineering (or comparable skillsets) considered for admission
  • Advanced collaborative studios with actual clients each semester
  • Significant interdisciplinary coursework, much of which is team-taught by faculty and practicioners representing both the design and construction industries